Warning. I tried to make What is Thought? self-contained and pedagogically friendly. Some readers may find some of these links more difficult.

Princeton U. Psy/Orf 322, see class notes week 2 What is Thought? is assigned reading for a class, the lecture notes discuss material from the book in a philosophical context.

Coevolution of Language and Theory of Mind An ongoing discussion I've contributed some comments to, based on ideas in the book, and responses.

Cool science re: C. Elegans. C. Elegans ( c.f. WIT? p311-312) is a small worm, more complex than e coli (discussed in WIT? 13.1.1) and less complex than bees (13.1.2). Thus this work would make a nice Compare to these two, and note, particularly, the genetic evidence here. In C. Elegans evolution has produced genetic control of a neural network to compute specific behaviors, where individual genes expressed in individual neurons have been shown to be important to the behavior.

Uri Alon is finding biological circuits are composed of small meaningful subroutines.

Mindfullness Syllabus These guys are including What is Thought? in a syllabus on mindfullness. I'm not familiar with their angle, but I seem to be one of only two science books, in pretty good company.

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