Career Opportunities

Artificial Genie, Inc is looking to hire a Lead/Senior Software Engineer and a Software Engineer.

The successful applicants will build our proprietary, patented system starting from essentially a clean screen-- but working from an extensive technical and algorithmic outline and in close collaboration with the CSO. In fact, at the moment we are open as to choice of language, although because of the nature of the design, a functional language seems indicated.

We have secure funding that will allow us to take this at least through a demo within 2 years.

Interested Candidates should learn more regarding the nature of the project from the video and top several papers (particularly "How to Build an Understanding Machine") at , preferably before applying.

Applicants for Senior Engineer should have a degree from a top university and 5 years industrial experience, or a PhD in computer science and industrial experience. They should have produced a number of noteworthy, functioning software systems, interesting publications are a plus.

Applicants for Engineer should have a degree from a top university and at least 2 years Industrial Experience, or an MS in computer science or related field, and accomplishments such as noteworthy, functioning software systems-- interesting publications are a bonus.

Compensation will be competitive.

Artificial Genie is currently located in Princeton NJ. Physical presence is essential, but there is a possibility we will relocate within the next few months to California, Seattle, or Boston.

Candidates should contact Eric Baum by email, Include CV (or webadress where it may be downloaded).

Eric Baum
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